Jorge and Mary’s story

Jorge and Mary’s story
May 17, 2018 bengriffin
One of the first sites I had the privilege of visiting in my early months with LINC is called Esperanza. Located at New Creation Lutheran church Esperanza is a thriving program which is making a real difference in the Shakopee area ( see the video )! However, they were feeling a significant gap. They do not have a Spanish speaking worshipping community to connect the hundreds of people they are engaging.
On our visit Mary expressed this need and wondered if we knew any Spanish speaking pastors that could help. With LINC’s focus on raising up local leaders I asked if there was anyone within their community that had the potential to be a pastor. Without hesitation she shared that there were multiple people that had that potential, including her husband Jorge!
Fast forward to today!
  • Jorge is on the road toward his seminary education.
  • Esperanza has begun the official 501c3 process.
  • We are planning to start a Spanish speaking worship service as part of the ministry of New Creation Lutheran church.
Beginning the 501c3 process with attorney Craig Baumann
He is a man of faith and character and I’m proud to now call him mi hermano !