Dinku’s story

Dinku’s story
February 27, 2018 bengriffin
Below you will find insights and hopefully inspiration from Pastor Dinku Bato’s story. He is a pastor and a scholar who quite literally is living what he is preaching. As you read his story join me in praying for the Lord’s guidance as Pastor Dinku considers where in the Twin Cities the Lord may be calling him to start a new church.
I continue to be impressed with the caliber of leaders that God has blessed the Twin Cities with. It is a common occurrence for me to attend a conference somewhere outside of Minnesota and find many of the presenters are residents of the Twin Cities.
At the annual OELMS (Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society) conference this year I heard Pastor Dinku’s (from St. Paul MN) presentation on the state of Christianity in the world.
A collaborative meeting with Pastors Ben, Samuel, Demelash, and Dinku, with ministry leader Traci K.
It was not a surprise to me that more Christian missionaries were being sent into the US than out from the US. It was eye opening to see the statistics associated with this phenomenon and inspiring to hear Pastor Dinku’s vibrant hope for the future of Christianity in the US. He believes that hope comes directly through the influx of new immigrants and their missionary work.
Pastor Dinku presenting at OELMS
Specifically he states, “I believe that God has intended that out of Africa the message of the Gospel will be respoken, reechoed and a new generation of African ministers will set the world ablaze with the message of the Gospel one more time.”
I thank God for bringing Pastor Dinku Bato to our city and pray that He would make the way for the next stage in his ministry.
He is an another example of the incredible leaders that we at LINC have the privilege of walking alongside of in our joyful work of empowering leaders to start new ministries that impact our city with the Gospel.
with joy!
Pastor Ben Griffin