Desalegn and Wayitu’s story

Desalegn and Wayitu’s story
February 27, 2018 bengriffin

I’d like to introduce you to Desalegn and his family.  Their story offers a window into the kind of leaders that LINC works with and how we empower them to take the Gospel to the streets of our city!

When you support LINC Twin Cities you are investing in the transformation of our community with the Gospel. You help people like Desalegn step into their God given calling with the support of solid theological education, mentoring and more!

Desalegn and his wife Wayitu grew up in Ethiopia. Both Desalegn and Wayitu lost their parents at a young age and were sent to a special school to be cared for.  In that school is where they heard the Gospel and became followers of Jesus. They were introduced to Jesus right away but it took a little longer for them to be connected to each other! They were in the same church choir for ten years before actually connecting and then eventually getting married.

About ten years ago they moved to the United States, Lancaster PA. When asked why they left their home country they described a tough political climate and that most everyone they knew wanted to leave. They “won the immigration lottery” and were given a visa to come to the United States.

Desalegn and his family, including three children, made another big move just this last month.  They sold almost everything they owned and moved from Lancaster PA to St. Paul Minnesota.

This time the move was not to avoid political unrest but to follow the call of God.  Desalegn feels the call to ministry and has asked LINC to help train him to be a pastor and lead a Gospel centered ministry.

There are over 40,000 Oromo Ethiopians like Desalegn and his family in the Twin Cities and less than 20% of them are Christians.  Most Oromo Ethiopians are Muslim.

Not only do we have the pleasure of helping provide theological education and mentoring but for the first month of their arrival my family and I have had the opportunity to host them in our home.  As they get settled into this new city and find new schools and new jobs we (and soon another family) have the pleasure of sharing our home with them.

In this short time we have become more than housemates, we have become family.  We’ve also had the blessing of sharing our cultures! We have the pleasure of grilling burgers for one meal and home made injera and wot for the next! We also had the joy of introducing them to the Mall of America!

Desalegn is in the beginning stages of his pastoring journey.  We get the privilege of walking alongside of him and his family every step of the way!

with joy

Pastor Ben Griffin