Abby’s Story

Abby’s Story
February 27, 2018 bengriffin

One of the first things I did as the new LINC Twin Cities Director was reach out to Abby T.  I knew that there was (and continues to be) a festering human trafficking issue in our city and that Abby has a heart to reach the victims of this epidemic with the Gospel.

I had heard her passion for this and her vision for a Gospel centered restoration house shared many times.  I asked her how things were going and was curious why I hadn’t seen much traction recently.  I asked if she no longer felt a call to it or if she just didn’t know how to get there.  With tears in her eyes she shared with me her deep passion for reaching these victims and her clear vision for a restoration house that would be a light in this darkness.  She said that her vision was clear but she just didn’t know how to get there.  Well, we can help with that!

At LINC we empower new leaders to start new ministries that impact our city with the Gospel .

Since that meeting we have officially chartered Corrie’s House and begun the long term planning process for bringing this Gospel centered restoration ministry to reality.  We have also been helping propel a wave of momentum to bring municipalities and churches together in the fight against this problem.  One local district attorney was asked, “What needs to happen to stop the human trafficking issue?”  His response was, “Teach our boys how to be men.  If there is no demand, there is no problem.”  God help us to reach the victims and the real root of this issue with the Gospel!

We thank God for leaders like Abby and many others that we have the privilege of walking alongside of.  It is our privilege to do everything we can to empower leaders like her to take the Gospel to the streets and back alleys of our city.

with joy

Pastor Ben Griffin